America’s Small Business Development Center Announcement

Richard Matthewman
February 18, 2021

Helping to make America’s small businesses more secure

Cocoon Data is proud to announce sponsorship of America’s SBDC North Star – CMM initiative.  This is an exciting opportunity to help support small businesses in protecting their sensitive and confidential data.

“We at Cocoon Data are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this program. Adopting good cybersecurity practices ensures the confidentiality of employee data and protection of business intelligence in an ever-evolving cyber-threat landscape. Our service Cocoon Data is a cloud based file sharing and storage tool that provides military grade protection. It’s capabilities will enable businesses across all industries to adopt CMM practices to securely handle their data” Trent Telford,  CEO Cocoon Data.

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The North Star – CMM program provides small businesses with information, recommendations, and tools to take proactive steps in protecting their data from the raft of cyber-threats. 

Using platforms such as Cocoon Data, businesses are able to easily implement controls and restrictions on data access and therefore privacy.

Cocoon Data has been designed from the ground up to meet strict security standards helping US DoD suppliers comply with the necessary requirements for assessment of a CMMC maturity level.

Businesses choosing to adopt the practices recommended by the North Star – CMM initiative can quickly start by storing their confidential information in Cocoon Data. It is simply not good enough to rely on public consumer services like Dropbox or Google Drive.   

“The North Star CMM initiative is giving American business a clear direction to protect critical information by leveraging the guidance provided by the Department of Defense for that purpose found in their Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). Sponsors like Cocoon Data are in a strong position to assist our clients to start adopting these practices sooner than later” Charlie Tupitza, Cybersecurity and Data Protection Lead, America’s SBDC.

SBDC Clients can try Cocoon Data now for free.

Good Security is good for business!

Author Richard Matthewman, Cocoon Data


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America’s Small Business Development Center Announcement